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Radko I Love Lucy Collectible Glass Ornaments - Lucy! You got some 'splainin to do!

Posted on February 9, 2012 by SundryShop There have been 0 comments

Lucille Ball I Love Lucy Radko Christmas Ornaments
Lucille Ball I Love Lucy Radko Christmas Ornaments

Every Christmas, we give friends and family members a complete copy of Lucille Ball’s recorded TV episodes. The list of recipients keeps growing, and we’re amazed about how often they contact us throughout the next year, sharing their favorite episodes! They laugh and chuckle as they explain how hilarious Lucy is! What a great way to stay in touch!

Since Valentines Day is around the corner, we thought it would be appropriate to showcase a few Christopher Radko "I Love Lucy" European glass ornaments.

Christopher Radko realized that Lucille Ball was a timeless performer whose works would gain popularity over time. His “I Love Lucy” series was created to commemorate over 40years since her TV show first aired!   Well, last year we celebrate the 60th anniversary! Needless to say, Radko’s “I Love Lucy” creations continue to gain in popularity and collectability!

Radko Candy Maker I Love Lucy 1997 a
Radko Candy Maker I Love Lucy 1997  

The Candy Maker – Chocolate Factory I Love Lucy Christopher Radko ornament is one of our favorites and captures a great comedic moment in television history!

The ornament depicts the famous scene from the 1952 episode, "Job Switching," where Lucy wraps chocolates in a candy factory. As her boss pressures her to wrap every candy without fail, the conveyor belt increases in speed, making it impossible for Lucy to keep up. Lucy hilariously does everything possible to make sure not one piece of candy gets by her unwrapped, including stuffing the chocolates in her mouth, hat and shirt. While in this predicament, her boss examines her work.

Here’s a You Tube of her Chocolate Factory performance. Take a few minutes and enjoy a great laugh!

Radko Grape Stomping Lucy I Love Lucy a
Radko Grape Stomping I Love Lucy 

Accordingly, the Christopher Radko “Grape Stomping” ornament captures a mischievous and adventurous Lucy who stomps purple grapes with a bright smile on her face. She wears a glittered pearl scarf with green accents on her head, a pearl shirt, and green pants. By the time Lucy's grape stomping experience is over, she's in a fight with a native Italian grape worker whom Lucy's managed to insult. With grapes flying everywhere, the two go at it in the stomping barrel!


Here’s our favorite grape stomper episode quote, made immortal when Lucy tells Ricky about her role in the “Grapes” movie and Fred’s response:

  • LUCY : Gee, did you hear that, honey? It's going to be called "Bitter Grapes." I wonder what part they want me for.
  • FRED : Oh, you're probably going to be one of the bunch.

We will again showcase other great I Love Lucy Christopher Radko collectible ornaments that capture classic moments in the series.  Visit our webstore often to see all the collectible I Love Lucy ornaments that we have in stock, since these ornaments sell quickly! 

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